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Created to provide a visionary approach to helping our clients with the smartest financing solutions, King Capital will help your business flourish.

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Our goal is to promptly help business owners in need by providing a lending service that is quicker, easier, and with higher approval rates than traditional banks. We offer a simple application process with a 24-48 hour turnaround from start to finish.


We are committed to providing responsibly tailored programs to ensure offers are centered on each business’s intended purpose and performance. In addition, as a trusted partner to our clients, we'll let you know exactly what you're getting. That means clarity around fees, risks and possible outcomes.


Our financial advisors and customer service team are carefully coached to evaluate and recommend the best products for each unique business. We ensure all aspects of a client's experience meet the highest standards of service excellence at every stage of the lending process. We offer flexible terms and rates based on your business’ performance, and not solely personal credit history, which makes our loans an ideal option compared to a traditional bank loan.


We are passionate about small businesses because we know you make up 75% of the economy. We understand the daily demands small business owners face.  By building long lasting relationships, we thrive on being a reliable partner in aiding our clients toward reaching their goals and fueling their businesses. Our team is trained to work with clients who are facing financial struggles as well as earnest business owners looking to expand to the next level.

Meet Our Clients

We have revolutionized the way business owners manage and grow their businesses. Our success has been driven by our passion in helping small businesses thrive.

High Standard, TX

The process was very simple & straight forward. John at King Capital was able to get me great terms and close quickly. I used the capital to buy inventory that I desperately needed to operate my business. They're very reliable! Bless them!

Pacific CNC, CA

This is my 8th time getting a loan with King Capital. There is no one better in the banking industry to go with for a quick approval and a seamless transaction. Thank you.

LP Tower, TX

King Capital not only saved my business, but it helped me expand as well. Thanks to them approving me and closing in a timely fashion I have utilized this cash flow injection to soar to new heights! I have someone I can trust for years to come!